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Headshots are an important tool to have as a professional. If you or your company have any sort of online presence then you likely need a headshot.

Personal Brand

Showcase the more personal side of running the business. Become more relatable to your clients!


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You Need A Headshot!

I have been using my camera since 2010; professionally since 2013. I photograph people who are focused on their online presence for their professional career. If you are an individual looking for a headshot for your resume or LinkedIn, I am your man! If you are a marketing manager looking for headshots for an entire organization, then look no further, I got you! I have spent the last few years developing the skills to help provide the best service for my clients. Getting the necessary equipment, and focusing on lighting and composition for the best outcomes.

Hello, My name is William Coffee


Thank you for considering us to do your photos! Here are a few ideas of what to include in your email when contacting us. Please be as detailed as you would like, the more information the better! 

Name, and your preferred method of contact. Do you like to keep in touch via text, email, voice call, or video call?

The reason for photos. Getting an individual headshot for work, or social media? Doing headshots for your small business website? Maybe you are getting headshots for a building full of people.

A time frame of when you would like to have the photos done. Our turn around times vary depending on the amount of people photographed. We will try our best to work with you make sure you get the photos you need when you need them. Your deadline is our deadline.

Final product? Most of our clients need digital files. For individual sessions you should have at least three for websites, and social media accounts. You can purchase all of the all of the different looks we take during a session.

Whatever you need just let us know! Please reach out with any questions you may have! We can handle clients big or small. Our studio setup can be brought to you to help make things easier.

Email: Will@willslostcamera.com

Call/text: 317-762-4763

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