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New blog, who dis!? For some reason when I updated my website it lost my blog page. Oh well! Time to start anew!

I want to talk about Personal Brand Photos. To me personal brand photography is like taking headshots and portraiture and smashing them together. Personal brand photos are for your professional business like a headshot, but they are more personal and creative like portraits. When I heard about this new area of photography I wanted to give it a try because it fits so well with what I already do. The photo above is for a local cake decorator in Indianapolis (she is also my wife). We did a few different photos of her in the kitchen of her creative space. We shot a few posed images, and then we did a few casual shots of her putting sprinkles on a cupcake, icing a cupcake, and even biting into the cupcake lol.

These types of images are great to put in a brochure you send out to market to your clients. I don't think it is a replacement for the traditional headshot, but it is a great addition to marketing! If you are interested in learning more about my wife and her cake decorating feel free to look her up at Cakes By Coffee.

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