What are your prices?

Well my prices vary depending on what you are looking for. Please feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss your needs and how I can help you.

How far in advance should I book my shoot?

I typically book sessions at least one month in advance. This helps by giving clients time to get things in order. I also use the time to get locations for headshots or book a makeup artist in advance if we need one.

What do I wear?

For a headshot you should wear something you would wear to work, or to meet a client for the first time. I recommend a suit jacket or a blazer with a collard shirt under for the men. Women have more freedom where they can wear the same as recommended for the men or just a nice blouse. These should be clothes you are comfortable in.

For portrait sessions I would recommend bringing 5-6 outfits. Once again these should be clothes you are comfortable in.

Do you edit your photos?

Yes I do edit my photos. I will edit blemishes, minor lines on the face, and a little teeth whitening if needed. I do not edit the photos to the point to where you no longer look like you.

Can I have a disc with all of the photos from our session?

I do not give out discs with all of the photos on it from the session. I edit all of the finished photos before I give them to my clients, and sometimes I take upwards of 300 photos a session. I deliver the digital images to my clients via DropBox or USB drive. The amount of photos you will get are discussed before the shoot even takes place. If you love all of the photos and would like to have more, then we can discuss it and make it happen.

How often should I get photos done?

You should have your portraits and headshots done annually or at least every 2 years. If your look changes before then you should also consider getting them done again. A headshot is your first impression today, you don't want to be the person who doesn't look like their picture.

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